Seven Horror Games that will make your Halloween…Terrifying  screenshot

Seven Horror Games that will make your Halloween…Terrifying

Halloween is coming, and everybody wants to get a scary costume and go to a party, but mostly, everybody wants to get scared. For getting this, the majority of people lower the blinds, close the curtains, prepare a bowl of popcorn and watch a horror movie. If you watch the appropriate movie, you can get really scared. However, the real gamers know that you will actually get scared if you play a videogame. When you play a game, you will feel the real panic because it is you who is risking your life, and even though it is a virtual life, it feels more real than the life of the protagonist of a movie.

Either jumpscares or psychological fear are valid to give you a bad time

Not everybody can play this kind of games. Nerves of steel are much needed when it comes to facing fearsome ghosts, hideous creatures and more with your bare hands. Either jumpscares or psychological fear are valid to give you a bad time, and people who enjoy the fear will enjoy the seven games that I propose to play this Halloween to be scared to death. All of them are quite different and for all the platforms, but they have something in common; you will not have lovely dreams after playing any of them.

7. Daylight

Let's start with Daylight, a horror game that was launched a few months ago and that has been a great success. The critics have not given Daylight much acclaim due to its lack of plot and for its repetitive environments. However,in regards to making you be scared, it is a really terrifying videogame. The first thing you will notice is that you will feel very alone when playing. Your sole company and support is a smartphone that serves as a map and as a light. You do not see more than a few meters in front of you because the darkness is surrounding you along the whole adventure.

In addition, twelve evil witches will be haunting you, and especially, scaring you as much as they can. If you do not flee, or if you do not notice their presence soon enough, you are finished. The maps are procedurally generated, so you will not play the same level twice. It can be interesting because you cannot learn the map by heart and complete it fast. You have to explore it every time you die, and this fact creates the feeling of unfriendliness and the anxiety of being in an unknown place.

  • Why is Daylight in the seventh place? Because it provokes nightmares and fear, but the argument is not interesting enough, and there are many games whose argument is brilliant (as you will see below).


6. Alien Isolation

The next game I'm talking about is Alien Isolation. It is the new release of The Creative Assembly, and there are high expectations about this game. And with good reasons, the storyline is something that the fans of the Alien saga always wanted to know. What about Ripley's daughter? Well, now we know that she was looking for her mother several years before the poor Ellen Ripley woke up from her cryostasis. And she looked for her in the Sevastopol space station; that is at least as creepy as the Nostromo, and of course, it is also full of the presence of the xenomorph.

The storyline is something that the fans of the Alien saga always wanted to know

The thing that actually scared us about this title is the incredibly high intelligence of the monster. The AI of the Alien is not programmed to follow a random path, and if it has luck, it finds you. It is programmed to hunt you; it is its only purpose, and it is very good at doing it. The Alien will follow your smell and it will react to your sounds. If it sees a door that was closed before and is now open, he will search for the one who opened it.

  • Why is Alien Isolation in the sixth place? Because the idea is perfect, but it is more focused on the story than on causing fear. And let's be sincere; aliens do not cause the same fear now that they did decades ago.

Alien Isolation
Alien Isolation

5. Slender: The Arrival

Slenderman, oh yes, he, the creepy character from creepypastas, he who brings a new world in regards to survival horror games. We owe a lot to Slenderman. He started the craze about leaving characters in a forest in isolation and giving them the task of finding notes. Without him, it is possible that the survival horror genre would never have been released as one of the most successful genres of videogames.

Slender: The Arrival has just been released for consoles thanks to its success on PC and this time, our friend Slendy comes with his own storyline and with minions to do the hard work. As always, you rely on just one item to survive, a camera with a flash. It will illuminate your path, and you will be able to record the appearances of Slenderman. He will become more aggressive as you complete chapters, appearing more often and closer to you. If you stay in his presence for a long time, you will end up dead. This way, if you feel his presence (when the screen becomes blurry, and the white noise appears), you must run away as fast as you can to save your life.

  • Why is Slender: The Arrival in fifth place? Because you will get scared and you will get the goosebumps, but Slenderman has been used a few too many times.

Slender: The Arrival
Slender: The Arrival

4. The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a horror game that is about to be released and as with the above mentioned Alien Isolation, it is supposed to be a success and there is an enormous hype about it. It has been created by Bethesda, but the real attraction about this game is that Shinji Mikami has worked on it. In case you don't know, Mikami is the director of the Resident Evil saga.

Gore, blood, and fearsome creatures are what you will find in The Evil Within. With Mikami, zombies must appear in the game. Indeed, they appear, but they are not brainless. They have guns, axes, etc., and they will chase you. There are also "bosses" that are quite difficult to defeat. You will not be safe at any point, for if it is not a zombie, it is a ghost, or if not that, it is a boss. In addition, you will have to solve lots of puzzles to discover the story of the asylum, and all of this with the fear of being watched all the time.

  • Why is The Evil Within in fourth place? Because the game has been created to confuse you and make you feel uncomfortable, and the story is incredible. However, you are not defenseless; you have at your disposal a great weaponry, and you can defeat the monsters and thus, the feeling of complete insecurity is a bit lost.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Let's start with the top 3 of this list. Here the horror really starts. In the following games, you are utterly defenseless, and you cannot do anything against the frightful creatures that haunt you. Here you have Five Nights at Freddy's, the new revelation that has become very famous thanks to YouTubers like PewDiePie. The premise is simple; you will take on the role of a night watcher in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and your task is to watch the sinister animatronics that roam the restaurant at night. It seems simple, but the animatronics are programmed to put any endoskeletons they find into the robotic costume, and they think you are an endoskeleton. Needless to say that, if they try to make you wear the costume, they will kill you since it is full of wires, metal and other robotic things.

You will take on the role of a night watcher in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and your task is to watch the sinister animatronics that roam the restaurant at night

The storyline is cool, the idea is cool, and the game is cool. There is nothing wrong with this game unless you think that being scared to death is something bad. It is true that the game is not too long, and only seven nights of gameplay can be a bit lacking. But...come on! When you start playing, you will wish the night to end. Why should someone want to be so scared so many times? With seven nights it is more than enough.

  • Why is Five Nights at Freddys in third place? Because everything in this game is breathtaking; the idea, the graphics, the animatronics, everything. You will feel absolutely defenseless and you cannot even run!

Five Nights at Freddys
Five Nights at Freddys

2. Outlast + Outlast: Whistleblower

Outlast and its DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower, are two of the scariest games I have ever played. They do not have different sections in this top 7 because they are almost the same, and even the stories are interwoven. The entire plot happens in the same place, the frightening Mount Massive Asylum, the home of all your nightmares. You will play as Miles Upshur and as Waylon Park, depending on which game you play. Both games have the same gameplay and mechanics. You are alone, surrounded by patients and Variants (patients who attack you), and you have to escape this place. You only have a video camera to record what is happening in the asylum and to light up dark areas. As the game tells you when you start playing, you only have three options: run, hide or die.

You are alone, surrounded by patients and Variants (patients who attack you), and you have to escape this place

It is worth mentioning that in the DLC, the Variants are more aggressive and a bit more disturbing. What Eddie Gluskin "The Groom" does to his victims is difficult to forget, but also Chris Walker (who also appears in Whistleblower) and the Brothers are hair-raising. Every aspect of the game is fear-inspiring and is designed to make you jump in fright. The graphics (which are very very detailed), the soundtrack, the story and the characters are what will make you think twice about playing with the lights off.

  • Why are Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower in second place? Because it is almost impossible to not be scared when playing. You will have to have breaks and gather enough strength to keep on playing.

Outlast + Outlast: Whistleblower
Outlast + Outlast: Whistleblower

1. P.T (Silent Hills' Playable Teaser)

Finally, here we have P.T., the game everybody is talking about. Before knowing that it was the new Silent Hills playable teaser, everyone had the uncertainty of what it exactly was. Then, someone finished the game and discovered the trailer of the new release in Kojima's saga. Anyway, it is one of the scariest games of all time, and if the new Silent Hills is this way, you can bet I will get it.

Hideo Kojima is a genius, and he knows who to scare people

The gameplay is simple; you can only walk and zoom the camera. In fact, there are no huge dark maps to explore, there is a corridor of a regular house (maybe a bit spooky) that starts on a loop and that does not finish until you get to the end of the videogame. P.T. can be beaten in more or less and hour, depending on your ability to trigger the events that lead you to the end. If you do all the things correctly, and you avoid being brutally murdered by Lisa, you will be able to see the trailer. The most noticeable fact about P.T. is that the same action can trigger an event or not, and for this reason, people can take hours and hours playing without reaching the end.

  • Why is P.T. in the first place without even being an actual videogame? Because Hideo Kojima is a genius, and he knows who to scare people, (you have the Silent Hill saga as evidence). He knows how the fear works, and he has captured it in this playable teaser. You will feel the fear; you will jump, you will constantly be in a state of tension and especially, you will want to end the nightmare as fast as you can.


These are my top 7 horror games for this Halloween. I recommend, for a more frightful experience, to play at night, with the lights off, and if you are brave enough, to try to play them alone. However, if you're not feeling fearless, play with friends and make them have a nice time sharing your fright. Would you recommend another game? Do you think those mentioned are hideous enough for this list? Comment below and let me know you opinions and your experiences with these games.

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